Parish of the Holy Spirit

 in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Catholic Universalist Church


We are a congregation of the Catholic Universalist Church, a pre-Nicene oriented jurisdiction of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church in the Liberal Catholic tradition.  We are not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

Our underlying message is based on the “Good News” that all are saved, no matter what their path to the Divine.  This is known as Universal Salvation, or simply Universalism.

  Liturgy is offered using the Rites of the Liberal Catholic Church (or based thereon,) as well as other Universalist, mystical celebrations of the Eucharist.  

With all our clergy having been ordained in apostolic succession, the CUC offers valid Catholic Mass and Sacraments to those who come to hear that the Gospel really is "Good News.”  

All who come with an open, honest heart are welcome, and the CUC does not discriminate based on race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or identification, ethnicity, or disability.  

Our sacraments, including the fullness of Holy Orders, are available to all.

We Celebrate Holy Mass
Every Sunday at 11 A.M.

Upper Room
The Community Church

81-10 35th Avenue
Jackson Heights, Queens New York

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