Parish of the Holy Spirit

 in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Catholic Universalist Church

  The Parish of the Holy Spirit Family is part of the Catholic Universalist Church (CUC), a community of Christians comprising a reformed and self-governing Catholic Church. We gather home those who feel pushed away, rejected or alienated because of life situations beyond their control.

The Catholic Universalist Church (CUC) is a small body of Catholic parishes that welcomes all, regardless of race, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or economic status.

A Church Where All Are Welcome

All who come in good faith are welcome to receive the sacraments of the Church. Persons are never excluded or made to feel unwelcome because of their race, culture, gender, marital status, sexuality, or political beliefs. The Parish of the Holy Spirit offers you a welcoming and inclusive spiritual home, if you:

  • have been denied communion because of divorce and remarriage
  • are a woman with a vocation to Catholic ministry
  • are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered individual and have been shunned, ignored, or ill-treated by your church
  • find your political beliefs in conflict with your church
  • are looking for a church whose members reach out to those less fortunate