Parish of the Holy Spirit

 in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Catholic Universalist Church

  Bishop George Christopher
Senior Pastor

Assumed spiritual leadership of this parish (formerly called Sts. Sergius and Bacchus Church.) The congregation has taken the name: "Parish of the Holy Spirit" and is now under the auspices of the Catholic Universalist Church.

Also the presiding Bishop of Catholic Universalist Church July 2013 Worldwide The Catholic Universalist Church is an autocephalous jurisdiction, in the Liberal Catholic tradition, of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Liturgy is offered using the Rites of the Liberal Catholic Church and the Young Rite, as well as

other Universalist, mystical celebrations of the Eucharist. Educational programs will be made available to ALL who wish to study for Holy Orders in the tradition of the Young Rite (although the CUC is not yet a member.) The CUC offers valid Catholic liturgy and sacraments to those who come to hear that the Gospel really is "Good News" in that all will ultimately be reconciled to the God. All who come with an open, honest heart and mind are welcome, and the CUC does not discriminate based on race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or identification, ethnicity, or disability. Our sacraments, including the fullness of Holy Orders, are available to all.

Volunteer Outreach Minister
One Spirit Interfaith Seminary
New York, NY

As a volunteer outreach minister, I support the vision of the One Spirit Learning Alliance, especially the flagship seminary program. I offer interfaith ceremonies including weddings, memorials, baby dedications, labyrinth meditations, and more.

Liberal Catholic movement

Study and outreach encompassing the theological ideas of the Liberal Catholic Church and theosophy.

Liberal Gnostic Community

New York, NY
Pastoral and administrative duties for this jurisdiction of the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Served as assisting priest for two parishes in New York City, one as associate pastor.

Volunteer Chaplain
Queens Hospital Center
Jamaica, NY

Served as a volunteer chaplain in this urban hospital setting attending to the needs of patients and staff.

Outreach Volunteer
Kalusugan Coalition

Served as a community outreach volunteer as well as assisting at community health fairs with testing and screening.

Meadville Lombard Theological School

  • Liberal Theology (TS442INT)
  • Religious Education for a Changing World (M465INT)
  • Art and Aesthetics (M360/560INT)
  • Community Studies Seminar (M345)
  • Multifaith Theologies (M440INT)
  • Ministry in a Post-Denominational Age (M316INT)
  • Introduction to Pastoral Counseling (MLM483INT)
  • Walking the Talk: Developing Competency in Cross-Cultural Communications (M466iNT)
  • Digital/Spiritual Literacy (M322INT)
  • Community Ministry (M376INT)
  • Universalist History

Independent Coursework

  • Veriditas-Trained Labyrinth Facilitator, Delray Beach, FL; 2006
  • Cosmic Mass Facilitator Training, Oakland, CA; 200
  Father Dave Kone

Certificate of Ordination to the Apostolic Office of Deacon, Ordained Interfaith Minister by Dr. Lewis Keiser Presiding Bishop of the Home Temple, August 5, 2012.

Certificate of Ordination to the Apostolic Office of Priest, Ordained Independent Priest by Bishop Anthony Civiletti of the Home Temple, January 5, 2014.